Zumba has taken the fitness world be storm. Even those who loathe working out find themselves working up a sweat and having fun with this high impact dance based workout. There’s nothing like cranking up the music and letting your body go, and Zumba does just that, working your core, thighs and butt in the process.

At Source Health & Fitness we find our Thursday nights @ 8pm  are simply amazing with Siobhan @zumbawithsiobhan

What to wear?

You can wear any type of fitness clothes- sweat pants, shorts, tank tops, t-shirts… anything comfortable and cool. As for shoes- wear cross trainers or dance shoes. Just keep in mind if the bottom of your shoes ‘Look like a tyre’ on the bottom- eg. Running shoes, do not wear them in class. These type of shoes make ‘side to side’ moves quite difficult.

What if I am not co-ordinated and I can’t dance!!!!

Be patient and don’t get frustrated! Ok, we admit the first few classes may be frustrating, because you may not know the songs and will not know the teaching style of your instructor. You may feel like you have two-left-feet, but I assure you after you attend a few times you will catch on!!!

What if I’m out of shape and I can’t keep up?

Know your body!!! Most people know their limits. If not, see your doctor before attempting any form of exercise. Always work out at your own pace until you are comfortable with the routine/exercise.

What kind of people are in your Zumba Class?

People of all fitness abilities, ages, sizes and nationalities take Zumba Classes.

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