Ladies, please do not regard the weights area as ‘The Mens Domain’ in the gym. Weight training is an essential part of weight reduction.

If, after a few weeks of using your workout programme, you find that you weight has remeined the same  dont be disheartned…. check out your favorite pair of jeans… hopefully fully they fit better. If you have been training correctly you should find that you have lost body fat from working out on the cardio equipment (ie. treadmill, x-trainer, bike) but that you have gained muscle(we like to refer to this as defination!). As muscle weighs heavier than fat, you have most likely lost more fat and gainer muscle.


Muscle tissue is alive. any living tissue requires energy. Muscles get their energy form calories. Now, if you are not eating more calories than you are burning throughout the day, your muscles take them from fat. This will speed up your metabolism and increase your overall fat burning and keep body fat to a minimum.

So Ladies, don’t pass the weights the next time you’re in the gym, ask one of our instructors for a weights program and start proper fat burning today!!!!

Also check out our Toning & Pump classes here, using low weights and high reps for full body toning