Like so many others we are doing well all year with our Routine and then the Summer arrives, the Sun comes out and we can struggle to stay committed to our weekly workouts. We can be distracted and have excuses not to exercise. So when it comes to staying in shape this summer, here are some tips to help you keep motivated this Summer at Source Health & Fitness: (Please note this is a Summary, to expand on these tips click here)

  • Why not come up with a Friend or a bunch of friends? Create some accountability and have a healthy dose of some social time. Check out our Class Timetable here
  • Try Something different to keep motivated! Why not avail of our personalised Gym programs, Swimming, Tennis, Squash, Classes (Check out our recommended introductory classes here)
  • Mix up your routine this Summer i.e. If you are currently doing High impact exercises, Try some of our recommended Low impact exercises. (more info on the expanded version of this blog)
  • Finding it hard to find a child minder or something for your teens to do this Summer? with our Creche facility, Summer Camps, Supervised Teen gym hours and the gym open to over 14s there is something for all the family,  Check out our Summer news here
  • Why not take advantage of longer days and earlier starts when the Sun is out! 30-60 mins of exercise will make you look and feel better! Begin your workouts earlier in the morning, or try doing them a little later at night. Classes start from 6.45am…
  • Finally, set your summer goals. When you have a set goal that you are working toward, your workouts become more meaningful!

Hopefully these tips will help you build and stick to your exercise routine, even during these distraction-filled summer months!

If you would like any further information on any aspect of the club please contact any of the team on 021 4505128 or email

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Hope you all have a Fit, Healthy and Happy Summer from all at Source!