This class is simular to our toning classes but it is a faster paced workout! A well rounded workout using free weights and your own body weight to strengthen all major muscle groups; designed to define, shape and tone your body!

This 60 minute class compromises of both aerobic and toning techniques with emphasis on good posture, breathing and toning – a great class to burn the calories and to tone your shoulders, arms, legs, bum, thighs using light hand weights, ankle weights and matwork. It has amazing results and anyone can participate!

We start with a 5 minute warm up followed by a 50 minute aerobic exercises and total body toning, followed by 5 minute stretching. The exercises we do also help to stabilise joints and increase bone density. We start by working either upper or lower body and then progress  quickly to working both together, incorporating  balance /stabilization exercises to hit the core and improve joint stability.  This hugely increases the toning effect and gives a bonus “fat burn” effect.

The purpose of the warm up is to slowly warm up all the muscles,increase body temperature, heart rate and mobilize joints in order to prevent injury.

We finish the session with 5 minutes of stretching. This returns the muscles to their pre-exercise lengths preventing injury.

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