Rules and Regulations

1) Adjustments to membership types can only be made upon renewal.

2) You may cancel your membership giving one months notice in writing if any of the following occur

  • We significantly reduce the facilities or opening hours of the club
  • Change location of the club
  • We close the club for refurbishment for a period more than one month at a time

Note: We will use our reasonable endeavour to give you at least one month notice of the change (either in writing or by prominently displaying a sign in the club) and if you wish to cancel your membership due to the above reason you must give us one months notice in writing to cancel your membership.  If you cancel your membership in accordance with the terms stated above we will refund any part of your membership fee which you have paid in advance that relates to the period after the termination.

3) The final entry for off peak members is 4.30pm (Mon-Fri) and all such members must exit the building by 5.30 pm.

4) The final entry for off peak members is 10.30am (Sat & Sun) and all such members must exit the building by 11.30am.

5) Couple membership, as stated on our application is not applicable to brother and sisters, friends etc. It must be a legitimate couple.

6) Family membership includes direct family member under the age of 16yrs.

7) All members must produce a membership card upon entry, failure to do so will result in access being denied

8) Children aged 3yrs and over are eligible to be included in membership fees, or else a guest fee applies.

9) Adults (over 18 years) must accompany children under 16 years at all times.

10) No persons under 16 yrs are allowed in the health suite area.

11) Persons over 14 yrs may use the Gym facility only after an induction with a member of our Gym Team. Official Id required to verify individuals over 14 yrs.

12) Members should take reasonable care that their personal belongings is stored safely in the lockers provided for this purpose. Our liability to compensate you is limited to a reasonable amount having regard to such factors as whether the damage was due to a negligent act or omission by us.

13) Safety warnings & rules are in your best interest. Please obey them at all times.

14) A full list of our Gym Etiquette is on display in the Gym. Please ensure you adhere to this at all times.

15) If we make significant change to the facilities available, you can cancel your agreement in accordance with rule 2.

16) Management reserve the right of admission and may cancel your membership in the following circumstances:

a. If you commit a serious or repeated breach of the clubs rules of membership and if capable of remedy is not remedied within 7 days of receipt of default of notice

b. If any part of your membership fee remains unpaid one month after its due date for payment

c. If you provide us with details which you know to be false when applying for membership and the false declaration would have reasonably affected our decision to grant you membership.

If we terminate for any of these reasons we reserve the right to retain a proportion of the money paid under this agreement to cover any reasonable costs incurred.

17) Details of the clubs opening hours and facilities are displayed in the club which includes bank holidays and Christmas holidays. We may need to change the opening hours or facilities available. If we need to do this we will, where reasonably possible, display notices in the club notifying you of the change at least one month beforehand. If we make significant change to the opening hours or facilities available, you can cancel your agreement in accordance with rule 2.

18) Please use the lockers provided to store your clothing while you work out.

19) Children over 6 years are not allowed in the changing room of the opposite sex.

20) Children are accepted into the crèche up to the age of 6 years.

21) Any person under the age of 16 years must exit the pool by 7.00pm on Monday and 7.30pm Tuesday-Sunday and exit the building by 7.30 pm on Monday and 8.00pm Tuesday-Sunday (these times are increased by a half hour during the months of July & August).

22) Swimming hats must be worn in the swimming pool at all times.

23) All persons must shower before accessing the pool or health suite area. Members must also shower after using the health suite area if they intend to re-enter the pool.

24) Towels are to be used in the gym area at all times.

25) White soled shoes must be worn on the squash courts.

26) For members wishing to use the gym, we strongly advise you to avail of a complimentary fitness assessment

27) Swim suit nappies must be worn in the swimming pool at all times by children who wear nappies.

28) Last entry to the Centre is a half an hour before closing time and members must vacate by half an hour after closing time.

29) Mobile Phones with photographic capabilities are not permitted in any of the facilities

30) Members aged 16 or 17 years are permitted to use the facilities like any other adult member.

31) 16 or 17 year old members are permitted to bring guests with them as long as the guests are over 18 years of age.

32) Members can bring a maximum of 2 guests with them at any one time.

33) The minimum age for attending classes is 16 years at the discretion of the class instructor. However to attend Circuit and Bootcamp classes attendees must be over 18. If you have any activity restrictions/injury you must inform the instructor prior to commencing any fitness class.

34) 16-17 year old members must have a programme with them by one of our qualified instructors before using either the resistance or free weight equipment.

35) Please note that one month’s written notice is required before cancelling a direct debit type membership. Direct debits are automatically rolled over each month unless we receive written notice.


1) Children who are showing signs and symptoms of common illness should not be put in the crèche.

2) A fee of €3.50 per child will be charged per hour and half and €5 per child for 2 hours. We also encourage a stay of no longer than two hours per visit.

3) The same person who signed them in must collect children in the crèche; or else, the crèche supervisor must be informed as to who is collecting them.

4) Members must make their whereabouts in the centre known to the crèche supervisor.

5) Children must be collected on time, as the crèche supervisor will not escort them to you at closing.

6) Children may not leave the crèche until they are collected.

7) If at any time the crèche is too busy, we reserve the right to restrict numbers until such a time as the crèche can cater for additional children. We must at all times, meet the requirements from the HSE regarding the ratio of crèche staff to children.