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Top 10 tips to ditch the last 10lbs from Pt trainer Caroline Walsh‘A lot of clients come to me as they find the last 10 pounds are often the hardest to tackle. In the industry, we call it a plateau. Here are my top tips to help you to finally reach that goal’ Caroline Walsh Pt trainer at Source H&F

  1.  Change your routine regularly!  

Don’t let your routine get stale. Try regularly changing the order and intensity of your workouts to keep your body from adapting to any one set of exercises. Personal training is a great way to keep your workouts different every week. Maybe try different classes too every week to help keep you motivated.

  1. HIIT it.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is considered one of the most effective and efficient approaches for fat burning. Whether you prefer the treadmill or the rower for your main cardio workout, try pushing yourself to the max for 40 seconds, then easing off for 20 seconds over 4 minute blocks. Our circuit and bootcamp classes are fantastic for this type training. There’s no escaping the watchful eye of your motivational instructor!

  1. Lift weight to lose weight. 

Introduce strength training into your programme three times a week to build muscle, increase metabolic rate, and transform your body into a fat burning machine 24/7.

  1. Don’t go it alone.

Book into a group exercise session or go to classes with friends for a little extra support. I also take friends together for training, always a fun way to exercise!

  1. Food-Eat Clean!

Abs are made in the gym but found in the kitchen. Pack your diet full of leafy green vegetables. They’re full of essential vitamins and minerals, and make a great substitute for the starchy standards. Eating clean isn’t just about cutting out processed foods and saturated fat – check in on your salt intake and season with fat-blasting spices like chilli and turmeric. If you need help with your diet our instructors are always available for helpful tips and advice.

  1. Strange brew.

Swap your Earl Grey for green tea. It’s shown to inhibit fat absorption and aid weight loss as part of a healthy nutritional approach.

  1. Skip the last round

Limit alcohol intake and you’ll be surprised how quickly you see results. Stick to just one unit (a glass of wine, a pint of beer or one mixed drink) or opt for sparkling water instead.

Top Swimming Tips from our expert swim coach Eilis Burns

handfitness.comWhen you take up swimming, you often feel awkward and wonder what advanced swimmers do to avoid such and such problem or how they obtain such and such effect. Then, as time passes by, you learn some swimming tips and tricks that improve your technique and you become a better swimmer.

There are certain things that advanced swimmers do that take time to master but there are other things they do that anyone can do if only they know how. See some quick tips and tricks below that can shorten your learning curve as much as possible.

 Keep Your Goggles On

Learn to keep your goggles over your eyes for at least an hour without removing. A swimming workout often includes a warm-up, a main set, then kick or pull and finishing with a warm-down. After each set, they tend to put their goggles on their forehead and reset their goggles on the next set. A long-distance race does not allow for this luxury. Get used to keeping your goggles on. I put swimming sessions on the board in the shallow end regularly for members to follow.

Hint: you can squint your eyes to allow a small amount of water to seep in. This water will slosh around your goggle lenses to keep them fog-free.

  1. Practice Pulling Straight Back

As your hands enter the water, your fingertips (with a flat palm) should immediately begin pointing straight down. Focus on pulling straight back as you roll your shoulder or take a breath. Your hands should not cross over your center line at any point in the stroke.

  1. Purchase Fins

If you have a cross-over kick, purchase a pair of fins and focus on kicking efficiently without crossing one foot over the other. Fins will also help increase your ankle flexibility.

  1. Breathing

Spend time perfecting your breathing by slowing your stroke down and focus on your breathing. See below:

  1. Relaxation of the muscles in the face, jaw, mouth, and neck is perhaps the most critical skill for proper breathing while swimming. Imagine how your facial muscles feel when you run or ride a bicycle. Your breathing should feel the same during swimming as during other aerobic activities. Swimmers who tense their faces in the water are most likely holding their breath underwater, which forces them to both exhale and inhale when they are above water. This inefficient air exchange creates anxiety and inevitably leads to exhaustion.
  2. As your face enters the water, your mouth should be slightly open with a trickle of air going out between your lips. Some swimmers exhale through the mouth and nose, while others exhale gently through the mouth only. Many swimmers find a nose plug allows them to breathe more comfortably. Select the method that is most comfortable for you.
    It is important to blow your air out slowly. Exhaling too quickly will cause you to gasp in your next inhalation, which may make you hyperventilate. By exhaling slowly, you can develop an awareness of any facial tension, especially around your mouth, lips, and teeth. As your face begins to leave the water, increase your rate of exhalation, and expel the remaining air with a forceful puff. Many swimmers use both the nose and mouth for this crescendo in exhalation as they turn their heads to breathe.
  3. Inhaling is a natural reflex-it is quick but not forced. If you exhale adequately, air will flow in on its own. Again, most swimmers breathe in through their mouths.
  4. Make your exhalation long.Your exhalation should be twice as long as your inhalation. A longer exhalation leads to a more relaxed exchange of air.
  5. Don’t panic if you breathe in water.If you gulp in water, shape your tongue as if you’re pronouncing the letter K. This tongue position keeps the water from going down your throat. Even the greatest swimmers breathe in water from time to time.

For any queries on group or private lessons with Eilis Burns please contact reception 021 4505128

Top Spinning Tips

handfitness.comSpinning is a great way to burn major calories regardless of your fitness level. See our top Spinning tips below to help you get the most out of your class!

Be Prepared!: It is important not to be too full or too hungry and well hydrated. You know you are properly hydrated if you are not feeling thirsty. Make sure you bring a bottle of water with you to each class. Your preparation before class is what sets you up for success once you are there. Wear comfortable clothes and runners and also bring a towel.

Engage your core!: When you’re up and cycling out of the saddle, your abdominal strength is what keeps you balanced and suspended above the bike not leaning on the handlebars. The handlebars are there for balance, not to hold you up! That is what your abdominals are for. Your instructor will remind you of this throughout the class.

Correct legs positioning!: Often when new spinners get fatigued, their knees tend to bow out to the sides. It is critical that your knees are pointed straight forward because bowed knees increase the potential for knee injury and strain. It’s equally important for your feet to remain flat to avoid any ankle injury. Better to slow down with proper form than push yourself with incorrect form. Your instructor will help you set up your bike correctly when you are new to spinning. Always go at your own pace when starting spinning so you can get to used to the bike!

Upper body positioning!: To prevent your shoulders from tensing you need to relax your shoulders. Relaxed shoulders will help you to engage your core, keep your feet flat and knees straight, all important elements to proper form. So remember to check your form starting at your shoulders all the way down to your toes! If you are ever unsure always ask your instructor!

Listen to your instructor!: It is one thing to slow down or sit down if you feel overwhelmed however, that doesn’t give you creative license to do whatever you want. It is very important to listen to your instructor. They are the experts and have crafted this workout specifically for you so trust that they have your best workout at heart mostly because you don’t know what is planned next.

Inform your instructor!: If you are new to the class, have any injuries or activity restrictions or are pregnant please advise your instructor before the class starts to ensure they can set up the bike correctly for you and advise you.

Top 5 Ways to motivate you to workout

handfitness.comLooking for motivation? Sometimes the hardest part of exercising is getting off the couch and taking that first step! Try these five simple ways to motivate you to get started and to keep going. You’ll soon be looking forward to your daily dose of post-exercise endorphins and raring to go.

Get up earlier

Hit the gym or pool before work or even organise a game of Squash or Tennis and you’ll start your day knowing you’ve already achieved something. It’s actually easiest to complete tasks early in the morning, as you tend to feel at your most optimistic then, waking up every day with a fresh supply of willpower (a limited resource). Researchers have also found that exercising in the morning burns more calories, as you’re more likely to work harder. Try one of our early morning Spinning classes or Metafit classes for that extra motivation.

Join a class

It’s easier to commit to working out if you’ve signed up to a class or course. Start by joining one class a week, whether it’s an activity you’re already passionate about, or something new. With classes and courses on 7 days a week there is a class to suit everyone! (Link to our class timetable)

Set targets

Give yourself a goal to work towards, then track it. Avail of our gym instructors to design your individual 6-8 week program and let them help you set your goals and targets. Always good to have something to work towards!

Reward yourself

While weight loss and improved fitness are long-term rewards, sometimes you need something more tangible to get you through a really gruelling workout routine. Beware of rewarding yourself with junk food, as this will reinforce bad habits that’ll undo all your hard work. Instead, invest in a smoothie maker or juicer; it’ll make improving your nutrition a breeze, giving you the chance to whip up healthy drinks with your favourite flavours.

Recruit a friend

Ask one of your friends to come to the gym with you. Having a friend there makes you feel more accountable, and will give positive encouragement to you both. Choose someone with a similar fitness level so neither of you are held back or pushed too hard and you’re working towards a shared goal.

Benefits of Cardio

handfitness.comWeight loss is a big focus for many people but it is only one benefit of cardio. Weight loss is often our only goal and not just for health, but to look good. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good, having that as our only goal can make exercise harder. Why? Because losing weight takes time…what happens if you don’t see results on your timetable? Where will your motivation go if the scale doesn’t cooperate? Open your mind to other reasons to exercise–you might just find new ways to make exercising easier. Moving around increases blood flow to our muscles, strengthens the heart and lungs and teaches the heart to work more efficiently. Not only that, when you exercise you set a good example for your kids to do the same, which could mean a better future for them. See a few of the benefits of Cardio below:

  • Weight loss
  • Stronger heart and lungs
  • Increased bone density
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced risk of heart disease and some types of cancer
  • Temporary relief from depression and anxiety
  • More confidence about how you feel and how you look
  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Setting a good example for your kids to stay active as they get older
Get a healthy glow from our Elemis Beauty Therapists

handfitness.comAt Source Health & Beauty we use Elemis products with all our treatments. The Elemis mission is to combine natural ingredients with technology to create anti-ageing products and a range of spa treatments.  Originating in London in 1990, Elemis now features on cruise ships, in British Airways’ first class lounges and flagship spas in cities such as Hong King, Dubai and Miami.

Technology is seen to be a vital component of the Elemis development process, intended to be used to extract the most from natural resources.  The main ingredients in Elemis products include essential oils, herbs and collagen boosting seaweed extracts.  They insist on only using products with therapeutic benefits, avoiding those which are simply used to bulk up the product or feel pleasant on the skin without actually having any benefits.

One of their first ground-breaking products was Absolutes, described as ‘the purest form of living energy that can be transferred from plant to skin’.  Others include their best-seller, Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, which claims to reduce wrinkles by up to 19% in just 15 days.  Elemis products are unisex but they also have a range specifically for men’s cleansing and shaving.

Elemis products are developed primarily for use during spa treatments.  Products only become available to consumers after a period of professional evaluation and use here at Source Health & Beauty.  A process of consultation between Elemis and therapists follows to perfect the product before it is made available for you to try at home. To book in for your consultation contact any one of our therapists here at Source.

If you opt for the spa treatments you can expect to find courses of anti-ageing facials, a number of purifying and detoxifying treatments and Absolute Spa Rituals which combine a facial with a massage.

Elemis treatments and products are available in just 1200 spas around the world and are sold here at Source Health & Beauty.

The perfect moisturiser for dehydrated skin...

Elemis Hydra Range: The Bees Knees for Dehydrated Skin

We have a hydrating range of moisturisers which is fantastic for dehydrated skin!

The Hydra Range from Elemis contains two day creams – Hydra-Boost and Hydra-Balance, and a night cream, Hydra-Nourish.

  • Hydra-Boost day Cream 

This moisturiser contains everything that dehydrated skin needs. It’s good for skin which is also slightly dry, normal or combination, as it provides a little bit of moisture for those of us who need that extra moisture boost. Rich in Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and with a little starflower oil added for moisture, this moisturiser is light enough to wear under makeup, and rich enough to keep skin that’s left wanting by oil free formulas happy.

It’s lightly scented, and skin feels comfy the moment this is applied. It feels supple and moisturised, and redness from dehydration is reduced immedately. Mmmm, soothing…

  • Hydra-Balance Day Cream 

This moisturiser is perfect for those with oilier skin. It contains all of the hydration of Hydra-Boost, but without the added oiliness which oily skins just don’t need. If you find yourself getting shiny a lot throughout the day, then this one is for you. This isn’t oil free, but it is much less rich than its Hydra-Boost sister product and contains meadowsweet to regulate oil production.

Despite the fact that this contains Neroli and Mandarin oils, I find that it just isn’t rich enough to keep my cheek area sufficiently moisturised, though it gets on well with my oily T Zone. If you are prone to oiliness, this will nourish and hydrate your skin beautifully. If you’re more combination, stick with Hydra-Boost.

  • Hydra-Nourish Night Cream 

This is a really effective anti-oxidant night cream which nourishes the skin. I trialled Hydra-Nourish over a few chaotic weeks when I could see the tiredness in my skin, and this tackled it admirably. This is great for those times when skin looks grey,and generally a bit crappy.

When skin looks fatigued, the problem is clearly more than skin deep. Diet, sleeping patterns, alcohol consumption and smoking (just don’t) all play an enormous role in how shabby our skin can look. However, if you’re doing all the right things or going through a tough patch and your skin is playing up, a nourishing, anti-oxidant rich night cream teamed with a kickass serum can really help. This moisturiser really gives tired skin a boost. You’ll awake the next morning with softer and more refreshed skin which looks visibly perked up!

Tips for Brazilian Waxing from our beauty therapist Aideen Meaney

handfitness.comLooking for tips on Brazilian waxing??

These tips from our therapist Aideen Meaney will help you prepare your skin, take the pain factor down, get an idea of what to expect and minimize bumps and irritation afterwards. A lot of women and men opt for this service because they like the feeling of the entire bikini area being totally, or almost hair-free. While you need to be cautious any time you remove hair, because of its specialty nature, it should be treated with extra care.

 Waxing at Source Health & Beauty:

All our therapists at Source Health & Beauty are skilled and experienced in waxing which is even more important when removing hair on the genitals. Lycon waxing is available here at Source Health & Beauty! Lycon is the most pain-free wax available on the market. This Hot wax works at low temperature and is gentle on the skin. Our customers here love Lycon.

Before your waxing appointment:

-Shower and lightly exfoliate your entire bikini area right before your appointment using warm, not hot water. Make sure you’re extra clean.

-Don’t use any lotions or oils in bikini area.

-You need some hair growth for the wax to hold onto, but not too long which can make the waxing hurt more than it needs to. Let the technician trim hair down to just the right length at your appointment, or follow the salon’s specific instructions for trimming.

During your waxing appointment:

Know exactly what you want, Brazilian waxing removes hair from the behind and between your legs. Sometimes a strip of hair or triangle is left in the front. Don’t be afraid to communicate exactly how much hair you want gone and remain to your therapist.

Be prepared, If you’ve never had this service, you may not know that you might be asked to help.

A little pain, Everyone is different in their tolerance, but some discomfort is generally expected. Lycon is the most pain free waxing on the market which we use at Source Health & Beauty.

Post Care:

Watch your fashion choices, Don’t wear tight pants or panties for the next few days.

Hands off, Keep hands away from touching freshly waxed skin, as this can encourage irritation or small pimples.

Opt for a shower, Don’t take a hot bath for the rest of the day.

Too hot, No tanning beds, saunas or steam rooms for the next two days.

Short-term abstinence, Sexual activity should be avoided for at least 24 – 48 hours.

Exfoliate, Two full days later, if there isn’t any redness use a mild exfoliator. This helps prevent ingrown hair.

If you have any further queries on our Lycon waxing or any of our treatments here at Source Health & Beauty please contact us on 021 4505128

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