Our Deep Water Aqua class is a non-weight bearing form of exercise, so the range of movement and intensity is far greater than you can achieve on dry land and most importantly without the impact. (We recommend that all participants are comfortable in deep water for this class)

The class will improve your fitness, develop muscle tone, help with weight loss and also strengthen your abdominals and core, these are such positive reasons for attending!

This 45 minute deep aqua class is very much designed for your individual work out. No matter what your goal you have the option to work at an intensity that suits you. Music is played during the class to motivate you! The classes are taught from the side of the pool, helping you all the way with the movements that are to be performed.

The classes are varied each week, and often additional equipment, woggles, hand mitts, hand buoys, are used to add resistance and isolate particular parts of the body.

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