Leisure Centre Crèche

We offer a caring and safe playbased environment for your child to learn, play and explore in.

We operate an Activity Timetable Monday to Friday with all activities starting at 10.00am.

We Sing and Dance on MONDAYS

We Learn Shapes and Colours on TUESDAYS

We Paint and Draw on WEDNESDAYS

We Laugh and Play during Circle Time on THURSDAYS

We Listen to beautiful Stories on FRIDAYS

Pre School Activities to get them ready for the big day!

(All Activities are included in the Creche rate, €5.00 for 2 Hours)

See you soon,

Kerri, Sarah, Catherine & Aisling

Opening Hours;

handfitness.comMonday – 9.30am to 6.00pm

Tuesday – 9.30am to 5.30pm

Wednesday- 9.30am to 4.00pm

Thursday/Friday – 9.30am to 5.30pm

Saturday – 9.30am to 1.30pm

Sunday – Closed

BANK HOLIDAY WEEKENDS – (Monday & Saturday) – Closed

Morning Crèche rates per child;

€3.50 = 1 ½ HOUR STAY

€5.00 = 2 HOUR STAY



Note: Non members can use the Creche while using the Beauty Salon or doing a class for €5 per hour per child

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Summer Art Camps


Every Wednesday in July

Time: 9.45am – 11.30am

Members: €5 Non-Members: €7

5th July – Summer Scene Photo Frame

12th July – Design your own T-Shirt

19th July – Decorate your own Mini-Bird Feeder

26th July – Dreamy Dream Catcher

 To book your kids place on our Camps tel: 021 4505128

To check out our other Summer Camps for kids this Summer click here

This months Special Offer for Non Members

Creche and Classes Offer (Non Members)handfitness.com

We take care of them while you take care of you…

Purchase 10 Classes & 10 Creche visits for only €120

Vouchers available at reception! 0214505128

Creche visits only to be used with the class and can only be used during creche opening hours. Click here for a list of our classes..

Creche Activity Timetable


10.00am       Music Morning


10.00am        ABC Morning Club – Pre School Activities


10.00am        Arts & Crafts Club


10.00am       Circle Time


10.00am       Story Time

Note: Extra activities and camps during holiday periods

What to bring with you

We would recommend that you bring your childs baby bag with food and drinks if required. Also if possible please label the bottle. A nappy and any other products you use yourself. The older children usually sit down for a healthy snack (provided by parents) between 10.30am & 11.00am.

Due to the increase in NUT ALLERGIES we are asking everyone to refrain from putting

·    NUTS

·    SEEDS


And all other products that might contain NUTS in your child/children’s lunch boxes/snack boxes.

If your child has been in contact with NUTS OR NUT PRODUCTS or if your child has consumed NUTS OR NUT PRODUCTS, please make sure to wash your hands before entering this crèche.

Please let us know immediately if your child suffers from a NUT ALLERGY.

What age should your child be coming to the crèche

We take children into the crèche once they have had all their injections, usually at 8 weeks, until they are 6 years of age.  The settling in period as outlined below needs to be done by each parent to see how your child takes to the crèche.

Settling in Procedure

We the carers in the crèche recommend the following procedure for settling in your child to crèche life. This procedure may vary according to your child, as we must remember every child is an individual. Our crèche is a happy busy crèche, so it is of vital importance that both the parent and child feel secure and confident when visiting the crèche. We recommend that when you first visit the crèche, you organize a suitable time for you and one of the careers to be free to give your child 100% attention on his/her first few visits to the crèche. This is usually between 1.00pm & 3.00pm. This is of great importance to the child as he/she has not seen the crèche before and is unfamiliar with the people and environment. This quite often results in the child feeling insecure. The afternoon is the quietest time in the Crèche.

Day One
We recommend that the parent stay in the crèche with the child for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. We advise the parent to take a ‘step back’, leaving the appointed carer take over. This allows the child to get familiar with the crèche and the carer without upsetting the child.

Day Two
We recommend that the parents stay for the first five minutes, then say good-bye to the child leaving him/her on their own for no longer than 15-20 minutes ensuring that the appointed carer is free to stop in. We encourage parents to say good-bye to the child, this may cause the child to cry, but he should be in the hands of the carer comforting the child. It is more upsetting to the child if he looks around and finds you gone, the child panics as she/he is in a very new environment not knowing where you have vanished to, thus increasing the childs insecurity making it more difficult for him/her to settle in.

Day Three
Repeat Day Two, extending the time by 10 minutes

Day Four
Same procedure extending to 45-50 minutes.

Day Five
At this stage both parents and carers will know how the child is doing. Hopefully the child is settled in and you are enjoying your work out. If the child hasn’t settled, don’t give up, work closer with the carer.
These are not the golden rules for settling in your child into the crèche, these are our recommendations based on experience. We the carers find this procedure works the best. For best results we find that the parents who take their time to work with the carers to settle in their children have a higher success rate. In a shorter time the child, the parent and the carers are a united unit working in the child’s best interest.

Using the Crèche

Tickets should be bought at reception & given to Crèche staff upon entering the crèche. Tickets cost €3.50, per child for an hour and a half, €5 for 2 hours and €2 per hour after 1pm. The maximum stay in the Crèche is 2 hours. Unfortunately from time to time we get very busy and need to close off the crèche for a few minutes to stay within the required ratios, this is for health and safety reasons. You may have to wait 10 minutes, but you can do so in the bar area where there is a play area available for toddlers and we will call you down when a place comes available in the crèche. The staff in the crèche must know at all times where a parent is working out in the centre so that you can be contacted if a problem arises.

Facilities & Activities in the Crèche

We operate a drop in service for members of the fitness centre and clients of the beauty salon. We offer activities to suit all age groups throughout the day, concentrating on pre-school activities during morning hours. We provide a sleep and rest area for younger children, en-suite sanitary accommodation and very happy changing area in the Crèche.

Our service has been notified to the local health board and facilities receive annual HSE inspections.
Some of the activities in the crèche are as follows: Art & Crafts, music and singing, games and toys to suit all age groups.
Pre-school activities like circle time, story time, sand and water play, play dough, seasonal projects and art & craft camps during holidays.

If your child is sick

If your child is sick, we would ask that you do not bring them to the crèche in the interest of all other children as we won’t be able to care for them.


All our staff members have a qualification in childcare. Ranging from Fetac Level 5 and Pre-School Teacher, Montessori teacher to Special needs assistant. Staff have been trained in first aid, manual handling and fire safety.

Heike, Kerri, Sarah, Catherine & Aisling (Creche Staff)


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